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Over 50 years ago Singer Service firm first started repairing and maintaining sewing machines. SINGER Corporation was the firm's first partner, and after the year 1975, the firm became the first official repair and maintenance service for sewing machines in Slovenia. The company always follows new innovations on the market and trains its repairers according to the demands of the new products that are constantly being updated and upgraded by their manufacturers.

Singer Service d.o.o. company was founded in 1989. A few years later, when Slovenia gained its independence, the company engaged in importing sewing products, ironing products, and other similar products.

In 1999 company Singer Service d.o.o. took over the representation of Fappyco. It is a mid-priced brand with a very good ratio between price and quality, and it is very popular amongst the customers, who want a good machine for a good price.

In 2002, the company took over the representation of the Swiss sewing machine brand BERNINA, known for its quality and exelent technology, wonderfully reflected in their excellent embroidery machines.

In addition to the machines, Singer Service d.o.o. also offers various sewing and knitting accessories, and other small items, such as thread, zippers, pressers, needles, wool, scissors, and all the other you need to successfully finish your project.

Everyone, who is engaged in sewing and wants their dresses and other products to be just perfect, needs a trimming overlock/serger machine. With this machine you will save time and ensure your products have a professional look about them – the machine creates 4-thread or 5-thread stitches and automatically cuts of the material at the end of the edge.

With the dress forms you can create a dress with your own measurements all by yourself! The model also helps you to create perfect hems at the bottom of your dress. An ironer also comes in handy. For excellent, high-quality and fast ironing you need an ironing press with a vaporising system, allowing you to iron even while seated – SINGER metal heating plates and steam vaporisers are perfect for the job!

Everyone who has ever purchased a sewing machine knows the importance of a brand's quality service and tradition when it comes to buying a new machine. We give advice and provide our customers with all the necessary details about the product they intend to purchase.

Finally, a sewing machine is not purchased to last only a few years, therefore it is important to buy the machine in a specialised shop, where the sales person is able to advise and present the machine in full detail. While doing so, the customer must be allowed to test various machine models and determine which one is the right one.

Direktor podjetja: Anton Okorn

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