Embroidery Software Update 6

Embroidery Software Update 5-6

The BERNINA Embroidery Software Update 5-6 offers extensive additional functions and new handy and creative features for your embroidery artworks.

Improved menu navigation and operation

The extensive BERNINA Embroidery Software Update 5-6 makes precise embroidery even more ergonomic and easy. The user interface of the embroidery software has been thoroughly overhauled in order to improve access to its wide variety of features.  To make operation easier, the Embroidery Software Update 5-6 offers a host of additional handy new features and aids, including a clearly laid out online user manual, and practical Tips & Tricks which are displayed each time the program is started. Your embroidery design is easily displayed in Windows Explorer. From choosing your design to printing it out, virtuoso embroidery has never been this simple.

New embroidery and alphabet features

BERNINA Embroidery Software Update 5-6 gives you access to a host of creative new features. New alphabets have been included in the embroidery software, and the improved kerning feature (individual letter-spacing adjustment) will lend your alphabet embroidery an even more consistent and precise appearance.  The software’s new design capabilities allow for easier and more effective customizing and embroidering of monograms, table linen, labels, and much more. BERNINA Embroidery Software Update – widening your creative scope and helping you create professional-looking embroidery projects with a high level of workmanship.

New stitch patterns and effects

The Embroidery Software Update 5-6 offers a wide selection of new effects and stitch types that will give your creative projects a more personalized, attractive stamp. Design Outline effects, “carving”, halo effects, decorative and ripple stitches and numerous other effects and stitch types are available to lend new “oomph” to your embroidery projects. The Embroidery Software Update 5-6 will open up new horizons of the imagination and inspire you to a host of original creations that your BERNINA will embroider for you in flawless quality. You’ll be amazed at how many new facets of your BERNINA the Embroidery Software Update 5-6 will help you discover!

More extensive editing and preview features

The BERNINA Embroidery Software Update 5-6 also gives you more creative scope when editing, saving, archiving and printing out your designs: The new version lets you orient and reshape your embroidery designs at will, allowing you to customize them according to your personal wishes. Colors can be chosen even more accurately and easily thanks to the color wheel and color film that now come as standard. An object list makes for quick and easy access to individual objects in your design. Embroidery objects can be freely resized, and you can now zoom in or out of the bitmap preview of your design at will. This makes the the Embroidery Software Update 5-6’s preview feature even more impressive, and gives you perfect control over the end result at all times.

Improved graphic features

The BERNINA Embroidery Software Update 5-6 gives you more scope than ever before to open, edit, convert and save various graphic formats. There are also powerful new tools in Art Canvas Mode for creating and altering your designs: predefined graphic shapes, the ability to insert text, and an efficient free-hand drawing tool that lets you design and alter your own objects and save them in a format of your choosing, as with a conventional graphics program.  For those who prefer to create designs on paper, the Embroidery Software Update 5-6 offers you the ability to simply scan and digitize your design sketches and drawings, letting you edit, resize, position, and combine them with other motifs, just as with all the other objects.

Important notification regarding BERNINA Embroidery Software 6

Microsoft has released a service pack for its Windows® 8 operating system. This automatically updates Windows® 8 to Windows® 8.1.

Windows® 8.1
Please note that BERNINA Embroidery Software version 6 will not work with Windows® 8.1 or could lead to problems arising when using this version of Windows®.

In order to use the BERNINA Embroidery Software together with Windows® 8.1, you must upgrade to Embroidery Software 7. To do this, you do not need to have Embroidery Software 6 installed on your computer – you just have to have the dongle for your Embroidery Software 6 available during installation.

Not all models and accessories are available in all countries. We reserve the right to make changes in both features and design.

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