Embroidery Software Version 6 (Editor Plus)

BERNINA Embroidery Software Version 6 (Editor Plus)

The BERNINA Embroidery Software Version 6 (Editor Plus) offers a huge range of features for your creative embroidery and quilting projects.

Simple, efficient handling

Virtuoso embroidery has never been this easy! The BERNINA Embroidery Software Version 6 (Editor Plus) lets your creativity soar with a host of useful features that make embroidery even more of a breeze. The new improved user interface offers quick access to all important features and can be customized to your preferences with just a few mouse-clicks. When required, a clear on-screen user manual explains the functions and user interface, familiarizing you quickly with the versatile features of the embroidery software. Tips & Tricks are displayed each time the program is started to sharpen your skills and introduce you to the capabilities of the BERNINA Embroidery Software Version 6  (Editor Plus). With each sewing session, you’ll effortlessly learn a little more about the powerful features of your embroidery software.

Uniquely versatile editing features

When it comes to altering your own or others’ designs with the BERNINA Embroidery Software Version 6 (Editor Plus), the possibilities are virtually boundless. Resize, assign colors, rotate, mirror, reshape and group – the powerful design tools to which you have access will give you a completely free hand in taking your project from the “idea” stage to completion. In the blink of an eye, and with amazing precision, your BERNINA embroidery machine will help you create a host of attractive designs that bear your own personal stamp. From simple monograms to elaborate embroidered artworks, the BERNINA Embroidery Software Version 6 (Editor Plus) will support you in your creative endeavors, whether you’re working with existing designs or whipping up your own creations from scratch.

Wide range of stitch patterns and effects

Experienced embroiderers too will be amazed at the huge selection of different stitch patterns and effect stitches offered by the BERNINA Embroidery Software Version 6 (Editor Plus). Fancy  and texture fills, pattern fills and runs can be retrieved, edited and altered with the embroidery software. The program’s range of features also includes effect stitches for textured edges or wave effects – ideal for lending attractive touches to your embroidery projects and trying out new creative techniques. The BERNINA Embroidery Software Version 6 (Editor Plus) will even impress highly experienced embroiderers with a number of brand-new features that are now available.

Design and digitize with ease

It’s in the embroidering of your own designs that the BERNINA Embroidery Software Version 6 (Editor Plus) demonstrates its wide range of features and versatility. The choice is always yours as to whether to work with embroidery designs from your own personal collection, or to create a new design of your own entirely from scratch. As with a conventional graphics program, with the BERNINA Embroidery Software Version 6 (Editor Plus) you can give free rein to your imagination, using predefined shapes, or objects you create yourself with the free-hand drawing tools. Even sketches and designs drawn on paper are a cinch to scan with the embroidery software and convert with the automatic digitizing tool, so that they too can be edited and saved like any other object. An unbeatable advantage for all embroiderers who prefer to sketch their designs by hand rather than on their PC!

Extensive quilting features

Quilters will also be delighted with the BERNINA Embroidery Software Version 6 (Editor Plus), thanks to its range of powerful tools which let you design and stitch out professional-looking quilt motifs. Create your own block sizes, mirror and rotate individual blocks, position borders and sashing – you’ll be amazed at how easily the design comes together. Even diamond block layouts are no problem, and thanks to the impressive Preview features you can view and judge every detail of your design long before the first stitch. The Embroidery Software Version 6 (Editor Plus) lets you keep a handle on your quilting project, and alter and customize details as you see fit.

Important notification regarding BERNINA Embroidery Software 6

Microsoft has released a service pack for its Windows® 8 operating system. This automatically updates Windows® 8 to Windows® 8.1.

Windows® 8.1
Please note that BERNINA Embroidery Software version 6 will not work with Windows® 8.1 or could lead to problems arising when using this version of Windows®.

In order to use the BERNINA Embroidery Software together with Windows® 8.1, you must upgrade to Embroidery Software 7. To do this, you do not need to have Embroidery Software 6 installed on your computer – you just have to have the dongle for your Embroidery Software 6 available during installation.

Not all models and accessories are available in all countries. We reserve the right to make changes in both features and design.

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